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Dr. Brent Bradford

Assistant Professor

BEd, DipEd (Elementary Education, Physical Education), MEd (Elementary Education, Physical Education), PhD  (Elementary Education, Physical Education) (University of Alberta)

Dr. Brent Bradford has taught at both the Elementary and Junior High school levels. After a decade of being a school teacher and being recognized for his work in the area of Physical and Health Education (e.g., HPEC Award, 2001; CAHPERD Young Professional Award, 2003), he returned to the University of Alberta (U of A) to pursue graduate work and to teach at the post-secondary level. In 2011, Dr. Bradford was the recipient of the U of A Graduate Student Teaching Award. In addition to senior-level post-secondary teaching, Dr. Bradford has taught graduate level curriculum theory at St. Francis Xavier University.

Dr. Bradford has authored or co-authored extensively in the field of Physical and Health Education, and Education. Dr. Bradford has recently co-authored a Health & Wellness Teacher Education textbook, and was the recipient of the 2016 Erasmus+ Programme Award (University of the Basque Country, Spain). He has presented on a variety of educational topics to provincial, national, and international audiences. Dr. Bradford’s research interests focus on Physical and Health Education, fundamental movement skill development, daily physical activity (DPA) initiatives, Social Studies, and teacher education.

Dr. Bradford’s contribution to higher education includes committee service as an Advisory Board Member (Physical & Health Education (PHE) Canada Physical Education/Physical Literacy), Program Reviewer (SHAPE America National Convention & Expo), and Associate Editor in various academic journals. Dr. Bradford is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and the Education Society of Edmonton.

Publications: Selected Articles

Bradford, B.D., Hickson, C.N., & Evaniew, A.K. (2014). The Cooperative Learning Equation: An Effective Approach in Elementary School Physical Education. Physical and Health Education Journal, 80(3), 6-13.

Bradford, B. (2014). Leading by Example: An Effective Motivational Strategy! Active & Healthy Magazine. Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER). 21(1), 19-22.

Bradford, B.D., & Hickson, C. (2014). Teaching Styles in Elementary School Physical Education: The Effect on Children’s Learning. The International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum. 20(3). 1-17.

Bradford, B., Stanec, A., & Hickson, C. (2012). Trading Spaces, Two Journeys: Reflections on Career Transitions. The International Journal of Learning. 18(8), 17-32.