Donations Policy

The Concordia University of Edmonton Library welcomes gifts of physical items or funds that help it fulfill its mission. While donated materials may be intended to be free of charge, they still require significant staff resources to assess, catalogue, process and maintain. The following guidelines help library staff members ensure that all donated materials are worth the expense of the time which must be devoted to them.

Donor Guidelines

  • Contact the library’s Donations Coordinator, Lynette Toews-Neufeldt or 780.479.9339 before sending or bringing any donated items to the library. Please do not leave donated materials at the Circulation Desk without prior arrangements .
  • Tax receipts will not be issued for donations which library staff members deem to have a fair market value of less than $2,000.
  • Tax receipts will be issued for donated materials with a fair market value of more than $2,000 as determined by an independent appraisal conducted at the donor’s expense. Please contact the Library Director for further information.
  • Donated materials must meet the same standards of quality and relevance to Concordia University of Edmonton’s research and teaching programs as newly purchased titles and be in excellent physical condition.
  • Concordia University of Edmonton Library will accept complimentary publisher copies but will not assess or provide income tax receipts for the value of complimentary items.
  • Tax receipts will not be issued for materials that were obtained by donors as part of their paid employment at Concordia University of Edmonton (e.g. through institutionally paid subscriptions or conference attendance).
  • Concordia University of Edmonton Library will not usually accept textbooks, abridgements, anthologies, readers, or other items that do not have lasting academic value.
  • Concordia University of Edmonton Library reserves the right to refuse any donation.

Disposal of Unwanted Items

The library reserves the right to dispose of donated materials that do not meet collection needs and policy guidelines. Gifts not retained may be offered to other libraries or campus departments, or sold in the library book sale.