Facilities Library Policy

1. Writing Centre/Adaptive Technology Room Usage and Booking Policy

The Writing Centre/Adaptive Technology Room is operated under the direction of Student Life.

(KH 07/2013)

2. Library Meeting Room Booking Policy

A meeting room on the second floor is available for faculty, staff and students. Booking of this facility is done through Conference Services. Faculty and staff are permitted to bring food into this room. Each group is responsible for the immediate removal of all food or beverages brought in.

(KH 07/2013)

3. Choral Music Collection Room Policy

The Choral Music Collection is operated by the Music Department.

(KH 09/2014)

4. Student Large Group Study Rooms Policy

Larger group study is permitted in the lower level of the library. There are six group study spaces in L111 that can be reserved online.

(KH 09/2014)

5. Small Group Study Rooms Booking Policy

The use of these two small group study rooms is limited to Concordia University of Edmonton students. Students may book these rooms for small group study purposes on the date required. The booking schedule operates on a first come/first served basis. Booking of these rooms is done online. A minimum of two students and a maximum of six students may use each room. Normally students can only book for two hours at a time for a maximum of four hours per day. Students may not bring food into this room.

These rooms are not to be booked for proctored exams.

(KH 09/2014)

6. Student Computer Labs Policy

Users are expected to adhere to the computer acceptance policy outlined on the login screen of all computer labs on campus.

(KH 06/2011)

7. Printing/Copying Policy

Students are given a printer credit each term that can be used for printing or photocopying. Additional credit can be purchased online or at the bookstore.

(KH 09/2014)

8. Posting Policy

All postings must be approved by the Student Life Office.

(KH 09/2014)

9. Telephone and Fax Machine Policy

Library telephones and the fax machine are for library use only. A pay phone is available at the main entrance. Fax service is available through the bookstore.

(KH 09/2014)