Applied Math and Science Education Repository (AMSER)

AMSER  is a portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but is also free for anyone to use.

BC Campus Open Ed

A collection of open textbooks aligned with the top 40 highest-enrolled subject areas in British Colombia.

College Open Textbooks

College Open Textbooks has peer-reviewed several new open textbooks for use in community college courses and identified more than 250 others for consideration.


Co-founded by open-education visionary Dr. David Wiley and education-technology strategist Kim Thanos, Lumen Learning is dedicated to facilitating broad, successful adoption of OER.

Open Oregon

Open Oregon Educational Resources promotes textbook affordability for community college students and facilitates widespread adoption of open, low-cost, high-quality materials.

Open Stax 

Tens of thousands of learning objects are organized into thousands of textbook-style “books” in a host of disciplines, all easily accessible online and downloadable to almost any device, anywhere, anytime.

Open Textbook Library

These books have been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality. These books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at low cost.

ER Commons

A collection of instructional content that is described and fully indexed.

Washington 45

A list of open textbooks and course materials: English, Math, Philosophy, Humanities, History, Psychology, Biology…