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Focus on Women
Presentation Agenda for Winter Term 2017

Wed., Feb.1, 12-1:00 pm; Dr. Paula Guerra,  Erasmus+ Guest Professor from University of Porto in Portugal

Presentation: Cultures of Youth Resistance in Portugal: Gender and Difference

Abstract: The emergence of youth culture in Portugal was late. It happened in the late sixties of the twentieth century, following the political, economic and social change that had its epicenter in the Carnation Revolution in 1974 and that removed Portugal from the dictatorship. Only after this milestone, we can properly speak of youth cultures. Youth cultures are here, as they were for the CCCS, different ways of being young, as young people do not live or experience the same things similarly. Each has its own individual route which varies depending on the specifics of daily life path, with the crossroads they face and which are directly related to the family, class and social background, and even with different maps of cultural, musical and aesthetic significance that each ascribes to himself. In the constitution of the plural universe of youth culture, punk is of particular significance because it was also a symbol of openness, cosmopolitanism, modernity and aesthetic, cultural and social disruption in Portuguese society. Furthermore, if we focus on punk girls, we think through them we can detail more precisely the specificities of Portuguese youth cultures. Through an approach of life stories of 10 women in the early days of Portuguese punk, we try to give an adequate development of these specificities accentuated by gender differences, showing similarities and distances in relation to the work of the CCCS, providing a critical rereading of its main contributions.

Wed., March 8, 12-1:00 pm, Dr. Joanna Merkel, Assistant Professor of French, Concordia University of Edmonton

Presentation: Trauma, Failure and Deception: the Path of Foreign Women in Metropolitan France (18th-20th century)


Focus on Women
Presentation Agenda for Fall Term 2016

Wednesday, September 21st @ 3 p.m.: Naomi McIlwraith, M.A.

Noami holds an MA in English, is a published poet, essayist, and adventurer (she has canoed and cycled across Canada!), and is currently finishing her Bachelor of Education. She will be speaking to us about the intersection of her poetry and her commitment to public service and peacemaking. Her talk will focus on her training and experiences with the Alternatives to Violence Program at the Edmonton Institution for Women, where she taught creative writing and produced books of poetry with the inmates at the Institution. She will also be sharing with us selections of her own work from her book of poetry, kiyam.

Wednesday, Oct. 5th @ 12:00 p.m.: Aliza Dadani

Aliza Dadani is a senior student in the Applied Psychology program at Concordia University of Edmonton. She has a strong background in political organizing and has worked in Canadian politics for three years. She will be discussing her work with the Women and Community Research Development Initiative, launched by the Focus on Women Research Cluster this summer. This project sought to connect with organizations in the community who are dedicated to empowering and supporting women through sport, culture, and education. Through research-based partnerships, the WRDC Initiative has generated a number of exciting opportunities for students to engage in meaningful community research. Dadani, our Community Research Developer, will share the WRCD Initiative story and discuss opportunities for students to connect with the incredible work being done in Edmonton to address issues related to gender disparity.

Wednesday, October 12th @ 12:00 p.m.: Dr. Reginald Wiebe, PhD

Dr. Wiebe is an assistant professor of English at Concordia University of Edmonton. He will be discussing work from his ongoing collaborative project on cancer and Marvel superheroes, focusing on breast cancer narratives within comics.

Wednesday, November 16th @ 12:00 p.m.: Emma Rochester, PhD

Co-hosted with the Travel Research Cluster

Emma Rochester’s talk is entitled “Pathways Travelled by a Woman Artist-Scholar.” She will reflect on the many travels, opportunities, challenges, and insights she has had in her artistic and academic career to date.


Focus on Women
Presentation Agenda for Winter Term 2016

Wed. Noon Jan. 27, 2016; Aliza Dadani–Women in Politics (Undergrad, Psychology)

Wed. Noon Feb. 10, 2016; Karen McDonald–A Woman’s Journey in the Field of Chemical Physics (Dean of Grad Studies & Faculty Development)

Wed. Noon Feb. 24, 2016; Uzma Williams–Mothers of Children with Disabilities (Sessional instructor, Psychology)

Wed. Noon March 9, 2016; Nora Wallden–Mary, Martha, and Lydia as positive female roles in Luke-Acts (Graduate Student, Religious Studies)

Wed. Noon March 23, 2016; Lisa Micheelsen–Misreading Cleopatra: Gender, Kingship and Roman Misapprehension (Sessional Instructor, Classics)

The Focus on Women Research Cluster is pleased to support the work of Joy Berg as part of our ongoing program of presentations.

Feel the Heat: SkirtsAfire! Watch for the inaugural Women’s Choir Festival

Joy Berg was invited to organize the choir component, which will feature four female choirs including Bella Voce Concordia, Ariose Women’s Choir and Archbishop Jordan High School Girls’ Choir, both directed by Jolaine Kerley. A massed choir piece will be performed that has been commissioned for the occasion from Jolaine’s accompanist, pianist and composer, Margaret King.


Focus on Women
Presentation Agenda for Fall Term 2015

Co-hosted with the Travel Group–Dr. Wendy Pullin, Wednesday, Nov. 18; Pilgrimage as Movement Towards an Ideal:  Tales of French Feminists. Dr. Pullin’s presentation is based on three interviews she conducted in France in 2010-11. The scholars she will present (Helene Cixous, Anne Emanuelle Berger, and Damien Tissot) represent three generations of researchers whose work offers unique contributions to language and literature, feminist thought and gender studies (Focus on Research Group component). She will also explore how their thoughts and actions form different facets of a pilgrimage as movement towards an ideal across generations and continents (Travel Component).