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Phi Phan

Phi Phan, MPH, CPHI(C)
Adjunct Professor

Academic Credentials: Masters of Public Health (Alberta)

Experience: Mr. Phan has had a varied environmental health journey that has spanned the province of Alberta. Since completing his training as a Public Health Inspector in 2001, he has worked primarily with the regional health authority in Alberta in a number of roles focused on both local and provincial issues. He has also provided recent leadership on multi-disciplinary projects for the provincial government, but has since rejoined the regional health authority in a leadership role focused on safe built environments. The wide ranging aspect of safe built environments includes programming for rental accommodations, personal services, aquatics, child care, congregate living and vulnerable populations. Additionally, Mr. Phan has augmented his professional practice by committing his time and efforts with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) including serving as the National President (2010-2013). Beyond his professional activities, Mr. Phan enjoys mentoring students who have an interest in EPH practice, travel and debating quantum physics and philosophy.