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Sandra J. Song

Sandra J. Song, PhD
Director, Public Health
Tel: 780 413 7832

Sandra J. Song, PhD is Director of the Public Health Department at Concordia University of Edmonton in Alberta.  She received her doctorate in Sociology from the University of Alberta.  Her current research interests focus on public health, particularly in terms of food security and food safety in Aboriginal communities in Alberta.  Other focus areas include immigrant and refugee mental health, and children’s environmental health with respect to early childhood development.  Research grants have been awarded for Dr. Song’s research in addressing education divisions and facilitating dialogue with indigenous youth, women and seniors, to break down barriers and inspire hope and leadership through the creation of positive relationships and community partnership.

She has national and international teaching experience, having taught in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, as well as in Tokyo, Japan. Through various roles with the Government of Canada, Dr. Song has developed extensive experience in areas such as social and cultural policy, health policy, and global public health. She also has expertise in cultural analysis and work with vulnerable populations, including Asian minorities in Canada and the United States.

As an active volunteer and member of a number of professional associations, Dr. Song has presented frequently at academic and professional conferences and invited talks, and has an active interest in community action research across the public health spectrum.